Efficiency-oriented IT Controlling

In most companies, IT services are billed by way of allocation and apportionment procedures. This, however, rarely allows cause-based internal cost allocation. Instead, rather intransparent apportionments take effect so that efficiency-oriented controlling, that is IT controlling based on the cost-benefit ratio, is often not realizable at all - or only with significant additional effort - in the practice of complex companies. However, IT as critical success factor of the company – mainly when technical dynamics increase – has to be steered just as the areas which earn the money. Only on this basis can IT act as an efficient internal service provider with a requirements-oriented service mentality. But the fulfilment of these requirements calls for decision-relevant IT cost transparency on all management levels.

On the basis of many years of experience, we have developed a best-practice approach, which is geared towards

  • cause-based mapping of all decision-relevant IT service and cost relationships to ensure cause-based cost transparency
  • permanent and purposeful IT efficiency monitoring
  • realization as far as possible in the leading ERP system of the company with the aim of integrated systems and lean processes on the corporate level
  • improvements of the investment decisions by increased transparency regarding the real cost-benefit ratios.

Based on many years of experiences, we achieve together with you the lean realization of an efficiency-oriented management for all IT areas of your company.