Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, the shift from classic on-premise infrastructures towards the cloud and the increasing demand for agility are presenting companies with new challenges in information security.

Failures of central processes of the core business, the loss of critical assets, image damage and fines amounting to 4% of the annual turnover within the framework of the DSGVO and the Security Act 2.0 are some of the risks already threatening the existence of a company due to inadequate information security. Compliance requirements in data protection are therefore always also requirements for information security and especially IT security.

Excellent information security communicated to the public creates trust with your customers and thus generates real added value in the form of stability, security, cost reduction, image enhancement as well as compliance and thus a significant competitive advantage.

A risk-based approach is essential to generate a positive return on investment. This ensures that the costs of the security measures are and remain in
line with the values and the risks.

Interim ISB / CISO

Insentis provides an external Information Security Officer (ISB) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as full-time or part-time support to maintain compliance and improve data protection and information security.

The skills required of a CISO range from technical to organisational expertise such as risk management, compliance and leadership.

We offer the provision of a certified ISB/CISO with all the necessary skills. An Information Security Officer is responsible for all issues related to information security in the institution. His tasks include:

  • Support the management in the preparation of the safety guideline
  • Coordinate the creation of the safety concept and associated sub-concepts and guidelines
  • Prepare implementation plans for security measures and initiate and review their implementation.
  • Report the status of information security to the management level and other security officers.
  • Coordinate safety-related projects
  • Investigate security incidents and
  • Initiate and coordinate awareness-raising and training on information security
  • Implementation and maintenance of an ISMS (Information Security Management System)

Our Insentis Information Security Framework© and our many years of project experience are the guarantee for the future viability, practicality and efficiency of our customised solutions. With the IISF© we have developed a 360° view of effective measures so that information security generates real security and not just costs: